Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Morning reads:

Commentary: “Easy to enroll 1,000 soldiers…But ah!, one General!” – Old Chinese proverb

 On a Wintry day in November 2005, while strolling through the streets of  Warsaw (Poland!) with my Sister, we came across a bookstore where all sorts of old prints, books and newspapers were displayed  and, for “sale.”  For cents we bought several newspapers from the 1980’s  (this one. on the right, dates from 1981) From Wikipedia:Solidarnosz

Tygodnik Solidarność is a Polish weekly magazine. Started and published by the Solidarity movement on 3 April 1981, it was banned by the People’s Republic of Poland following the martial law declaration from 13 December 1981 and the thaw of 1989. It was legalized in June 1989 after the Polish legislative elections, 1989.

Young people then had role models….leaders of their time! …. Time to re-visit…

US President Reagan’s address to the Pope 1982

And see the Pope’s Address, which ends with these words… ” In this sense, Mr President, I repeat today those words that I spoke when I left the United States in 1979: “My final prayer is this: that God will bless America, so that she may increasingly become—and truly be and long remain—One Nation, under God, indivisible. With liberty and justice for all” (7 October1979).


  • The GOP finds its millennial starRep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY)The congresswoman is providing a fresh face for the Republican Party at a time when millennials are on the rise in the electorate. A Pew Research poll last month found that millennials — Americans born after 1980 — now make up the largest segment of the workforce. More
  • The Confederate battle flag is far from the only worrisome symbol in America today.
    “For every Southern patriot who understandably sees in the Confederate battle flag the historical resonance of Pickett’s Charge or the resistance to Sherman’s March to the Sea, there are probably just as many who consider it a nostalgic icon of white supremacy. In a racially diverse society, it makes sense to phase out state sanction for the battle flag — as South Carolina governor Nikki Haley advocated yesterday, in calling on the state legislature to vote for the removal of the battle flag that has been flying over the grounds of the state capitol. “-Victor Davis Hanson
  • Sen. Sessions (R-AL):Fast-tracking: the loss of US Sovereignty  (For opposing views see: International Dialogues show of June 17, 2015)
  • Sessions tells GOP to shoot down Obama’s trade bill – Sessions argued in the memo that there remain too many outstanding questions about the upcoming trade deals that will be expedited under the TPA bill. He pointed out that Obama has acknowledged China may seek to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the future, after Congress votes up or down on the pact.” More
  • Mexico to Overtake Russia by 2050 as U.S. Slides -China, the U.S. and India will be top three economies, according to forecasts by the Economist Intelligence Unit…More

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