June 29, 2015


On Culture and Climate…

  • Happy to see that the documentary by Director Brent Huffman on the 5,000 year old architectural site Mes Aynak, was focused on Christiane Amanpour show,( CNN Amanpour )on June 26, 2015. We did a show on International Dialogues, (Segments 3 & 4) on May 20th…
  • Just read that the Supreme Court ruled 5-4  against EPA,  putting a damper on Mr. Obama’s progressive Environmental Agenda  … “EPA must consider cost — including cost of compliance — before deciding whether regulation isappropriate and necessary. It will be up to the agency to decide (as always, within the limits of reasonable interpretation) how to account for cost,” Scalia wrote in agreeing with the industry….”  On our June 17th, 2015, we interviewed Ross Eisenberg, Vice President of the National Association of Manufacturers, who spoke about the costs and burdens imposed on manufacturers…                                    _____________________________________________

News of interest…. Morning Reads...

  • Islamic State Expands to Russia (More)
  • Supreme Court rules against EPA on pollution rules (More)
  • Paul Ryan: ObamaCare will ‘collapse under its own weight’…“In 2016, we need to show the country what exactly we would replace this law with, so that when we win the election in 2016, we will have the ability to do it in 2017,” he continued, encouraging GOP presidential candidates to talk at length about what they want to do to replace ObamaCare with a system that works better. But he disagreed strongly with President Obama’s invitation to Congress to propose fixes if they see problems with it. “I just don’t think this law is fixable. It’s borne on such a fundamentally flawed premise. It makes people buy what the government only lets you buy,” he said.  Ryan sharply criticized the Supreme Court’s ruling Thursday, accusing Chief Justice John Roberts, who wrote the opinion of “calling foul balls as home runs.” (More)
  • And a 2012 BBC magazine article on the “10 Key Moments in the History of Marriage...” (More)

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