July 7, 2015 Selection of #Reads…

Commentary:  A selection of articles of interest….for the last week or so… 

  • Washington Post: The U.S. response to Iran’s cheating is a worrying omen (More)…”That’s why a recent controversy over Iran’s compliance with the interim accord now governing its nuclear work is troubling. The deal allowed Iran to continue enriching uranium, but required that amounts over a specified ceiling be converted into an oxide powder that cannot easily be further enriched. According to the International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran met therequirement for the total size of its stockpile on June 30, but it did so by converting some of its enriched uranium into a different oxide form, apparently because of problems with a plant set up to carry out the powder conversion.Rather than publicly report this departure from the accord, the Obama administration chose to quietly accept it. When a respected independent think tank, the Institute for Science and International Security, began pointing out the problem, the administration’s response was to rush to Iran’s defense — and heatedly attack the institute as well as a report in the New York Times.”
  • Victor Davis Hanson: Is the world becoming fed-up? (More) “Europe and the United States are seeing glimpses of the ultimate leftist trajectory — a mixture of Greece and Detroit, de facto non-enforcement of the law, the Iranian nuke deal, a new McCarthyism, and race, class, and gender hatred — and are becoming afraid and perhaps appalled. A growing number of people sense that 21stcentury leftist elites are not pragmatic working people, but a privileged sect that callously experiments with other people’s lives on the understanding that they are insulated and immune from the inevitable disasters that follow from their own ideas….”
  • “Germany has never paid its debt…” (More) …”In a forceful interview with German newspaper Die Zeit, the star economist Thomas Piketty calls for a major conference on debt. Germany, in particular, should not withhold help from Greece. This interview has been translated from the original German. ” 
  • EU Official: ISIS Set to Invade Europe, Via Refugee Ships  (More)…”Although ISIS – or the Islamic State, as it refers to itself – is mainly based in Syria and Iraq, affiliates have been active for some time in parts of northern Africa, particularly in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, where the Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis jihadist group last year pledged its allegiance to ISIS’s leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. But in May the Islamist terrorist group’s presence in Libya hit headlines, when it broadcast the brutal mass-execution of 21 Coptic Christians, triggering reprisal air-raids from Egypt and a mass-exodus of Egyptian workers from the country.A
  • Ruben Navarrete: Mexican Elites agree with Trump (More) …”Mexico is a country divided—by political parties, generations, skin color, geography, urban vs. rural. You name it. But the deepest division has to be based on class lines.” (The story of Mankind...)
  • Linda Chavez: Conservatives quit defending Trump (More) Another view…Mexico may not send its top 1 percent — few countries do — but the Mexicans who come are a vital part of our economy, making up about 5 percent of our work force. Mexican men have one of the highest labor-force-participation rates of any group in this country, at 88 percent, surpassing that of native-born males (71 percent). Most important, the children of these immigrants do well. A 2013 study by Pew Research found that among second-generation Hispanic adults (that is, the children of immigrants from Latin America), English had become nearly universal; their high-school-completion rate, at 83 percent, lagged that of whites by only about 2 percent, with 52 percent having at least some college and 21 percent having earned at least a bachelor’s degree; and average household earnings approached $50,000 a year. More than one in four second-generation Hispanics marry non-Hispanics (mostly non-Hispanic whites), with an even higher intermarriage rate for college-educated Hispanics, 43 percent. And nearly two thirds of second-generation Hispanics consider themselves “typical Americans.”
  • Jesse Lee Peterson: Then they came for Trump (More) Can anyone deny the truth of Trump’s words? According to a Fusion investigation, 80 percent of women and girls crossing into the U.S. from Mexico are raped during their journey. That’s up from a previous estimate of 60 percent by Amnesty International.
  • Jeb Bush Lays Out His Foreign Policy Vision (More) “I think ultimately security will lead towards democracy and having an engaged America will help make that so, but you cannot have democracy without security,” Bush said when asked if he could imagine considering America’s missions in Afghanistan and Iraq as successes if those countries don’t end up as liberal democracies.”
  • Rep. Hurd (R-TX): Democrats Blocking Vital Defense Spending Bill (More) “America’s military deserves “unwavering support on Independence Day and every other day,” Rep. Will Hurd said in Saturday’s GOP address, but Congressional Democrats are trying to block a vital military funding bill.
  • Feds: San Francisco Pier Shooting Suspect Deported 5 Times (More)The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law. -Aristotle

  • U.S. Expats Could Make a Difference in 2016 Presidential Race …”So what are the critical issues that 2016 Presidential candidates should address? The largest concern for U.S. expats is Fatca (the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act). Fatca is part of the U.S. initiative to thwart tax cheats hiding assets overseas but it’s having unintended consequences.  In addition to the U.S. taxpayer requirement to report certain financial assets if they exceed the thresholds, foreign financial institutions are now required to report on the accounts of their American clients. As a result, many banks are choosing not to work with Americans who live and work there—either summarily closing their accounts or simply refusing their business outright. This is reportedly a huge issue for expats who need access to a foreign bank for their daily activities. Not only is this tremendously frustrating but it’s having a direct, negative impact on their lives.”(More)

…”The inner circle of founders has been set for as long as anyone can remember – Washington, Jefferson, Adams, Franklin, Hamilton and Madison. Almost never mentioned is John Jay.” (More)


  • Ronald Reagan on the 4th of July (More)
  • Five years of Keystone success ( More)
  • US now has more Spanish speakers than Spain – only Mexico has more  (More) Shakespeare &   Cervantes…not bad… 
  • Cass Sunstein Warns Against ‘New Cadre of Thought Police’ ( More) Here’s a Spanish proverb :”Cría cuervos y te sacarán los ojos …” Literal translation: “Raise crows and they will peck your eyes out.”  It may have a harsh ring to it…but proverbs, are “popular ” sayings, from the beginning of time…
  • Satanic Temple looking for new home for Baphomet statue after Oklahoma Court’s ruling  (More) Thanks to  Wikipedia for a brief history of Baphomet
  • The Time of the Kurds (More) – We had two radio shows dedicated to the Kurds on International Dialogues Radio :”The Refugee Crisis in Northern Iraq” with Velma Ann Ruth (More) and “The Kurds in the War to Defend Humanity ,” with former Brig. General , Ernie Audino (More)
  • Ex-CIA insider: July 4 terror alert is “nothing routine” (More) Living in dangerous times…
  • When the Smoke Cleared at NYC Flag Burning Event, One Veteran Remained“Protest, by all means. Demonstrate, by all means. Have constructive dialogue. But, the flag represents a lot more than just simply our history as a country,” he said. “It represents every man, woman and child who have served our country.” (https://platform.vine.co/static/scripts/embed.js" target="_blank">More)” target=”_blank”>More)
  • 74 children executed by ISIS for ‘crimes’ that include refusal to fast, report says (More) How can this be? 
  • The Islamic State’s Advantage at Historic Sites (More)