image NEVER FORGET 9 -11

Out of destruction… rebuilding Hope…
My Sister sent me a link to the article on the Unesco winning design for the Bamiyan Cultural Center in Afghanistan. A beautiful building complex with a Church-like window overlooking “the site where two seventh-century statues of Buddha were destroyed by Taliban militants…” and she reminded me of my “submission” to the World Trade Center Competition… (“The LMDC received an enormous outpouring of ideas from across the globe with 13,683 registrants and 5,201 Memorial submissions from 63 nations. (see Exhibition for further details)…”

Although not an architect by profession or vocation… I thought I would nevertheless enter my “Eagle Sculpture in Bronze for the Memorial Site…,” as my personal tribute to the men and women who lost their lives on 9-11 … In the Mission Statement I wrote then:

“I have used the eagle as an inspiration of strength and continuity. The eagle in the sculpture with its wing spread wide in an all-encompassing attitude, should be viewed not only as protecting us but holding us together. That is: in the wake of destruction (the pedestal represents the Towers), the eagle is still standing, ready to fly and guarding with its noble force the Republic on which it stands…”

The prototype is approximately 13 inches/33 cm (Tall) …and I first carved it in wax while watching Pope John Paul’s visit to Madrid in May, 2003, on television…. Time flies…


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