Living in Blood Full Moon Times…


  •  My sister Barbara Dillon Hillas sent me the link to the video  made  of  South Sudan by an American contractor, PAE. It provides a glimpse of the problems of infrastructure  in South Sudan.

  • On Pope Francis: I have concluded  that one must read his speeches in toto (and sometimes in the original Spanish) to fully understand the Pope’s message, or the Catholic message… Read: The two sides of Pope Francis by Peggy Noonan and Francis, the perfect 19th Century Pope by Maureen Dowd… (Two women, two opinions, with  some valid points…)
  • On the  Iran Deal:  Signed and sealed… In his  speech to the UN, the Pope  referred to the Deal: “The recent agreement reached on the nuclear question in a sensitive region of Asia and the Middle East is proof of the potential of political good will and of law, exercised with sincerity, patience and constancy,” But he also added: “I express my hope that this agreement will be lasting and efficacious, and bring forth the desired fruits with the cooperation of all the parties involved.”  
  • International Dialogues Radio on The Iran DealOn September 16, 2015, we interviewed on International Dialogues radio show Aaron Braunstein, an Israeli-American and Sharif Behruz, an Iranian Kurd abroad…, offering their opinions on the subject.) Also read, The Iran Hangover Deal by Professor  Gil Troy and Aaron Braunstein’s Dismember the Persian Empire, in the Jerusalem Post Opinion page.
  • As ED of the organization Republicans Abroad I had the opportunity to invite then House Majority Leader, John Boehner to speak via conference to Members overseas, sometime in 2008, and visited his offices after he became Speaker… (2011 – 2012).


Commentary:… After spending two whole weeks  far from the madding crowd (literally) and with occasional internet, I have been reminded of  what really makes the world go round… And while Maine lobster was being served  at the White House  for  a State dinner, yours truly was sitting on the bow of a lobster boat, deep in observation … (and meditation…) with plenty of  time on my hands  to re-discover Thomas Hardy … Ah! the pleasures of reading a good book…and it was not Far From The Madding Crowd but A Pair of Blue Eyes….

The Way of the Lobster….


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